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Bobsled Roller Coaster
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! A Bobsled roller coaster is the generic name given to any roller coaster that uses a track design that is essentially a "pipe" with the top half removed and has cars that are sent down this pipe in a freewheeling mode. The name derives from the great similarity to the track design used for the Bobsleigh winter sport. Most modern bobsled roller coasters are made of steel, however the first bobsled coasters, known as Flying Turns were made of wood. As of 2007, there are no Flying Turns coasters in operation, however Knoebels in Pennsylvania is planning on opening the world's first modern flying turns coaster, Flying Turns. The ride was scheduled to open in 2007, but has been delayed due to dysfunctional wheels.

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